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See last LLRX.com Features and Columns

The latest issue of LLRX.com Features and Columns — June, 2011 provides interesting information for criminal and legal analysis in international criminal justice.


Features and Columns — June, 2011

SharePoint and the Law Library

Lorette S.J. Weldon highlights the challenges her organization has encountered in its use of SharePoint to manage information through a client-matter-based-interface for attorneys, product management marketing and the library.
Published June 23, 2011

Features – Hunting For A Job? Try the Internet

Acknowledging the economy in the past several years has made the job search process even more challenging,Rhonda Keaton and Barbara Fullerton provide strategic suggestions and a guide to a wide range of sources to support and leverage a multi-pronged search effort in response to the competitive job arena.Published June 18, 2011

FOIA Facts: The Most Transparent Administration in History?

Scott A. Hodes argues that we have no real benchmark to determine executive branch success in fulfilling Presidential promises about openness and transparency. Rather he contends that the measure is not each time the administration doesn’t release something in a timely fashion to say it has failed the test.
Published June 19, 2011

Commentary – Digital Public Library of America – can it live up to its huge potential?

David Rothman continues his commentary on the challenges faced by the Digital Public Library of America. He suggests the DPLA help state, local and federal governments create a companion digital public library system that would focus on the provision of urgently needed content and services, and share some but not all resources with an academic effort and even offer a common catalogue for those wanting it.
Published June 16, 2011

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