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Provalis Software QDA Miner and WordStat are used to analyze unstructured text data. They belong to the category of CAQDAS (Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software) and provide strong text mining, content analysis as well as visualization features. Provalis Software is not built for Terabytes of data, yet, one way to analyze and select relevant data from raw digital data on a Big Data scale is to use dtSearch or NUIX (Proof Finder) and to import this pre-processed data into the software. Provalis Software is capable of processing large data sets produced from large amounts of text/data files in many different formats or from very different sources such as social media (FB, Twitter, RSS Feeds), emails (Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail) and many other sources.

What makes analysis of electronic case data with QDA Miner and WordStat so useful for crime analysts and criminal defence lawyers?

In short: QDA Miner and WordStat support many of major analytical requirements for the criminal analysis of digital data, such as
·         integration of different sets of data in one database, e.g. from witness statements, documents, reports or digital data from smart phones, computers etc.
·         simple and qualified search functions, e.g. query by example
·         (automated) coding of content e.g. to identify incidents described in the indictment
·         consistency analysis to find agreements and contradictions among witnesses
·         pattern and network analysis to trace relationships between suspects
·         geo-Mapping to identify spatial patterns
·         visualization of findings

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