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Observatory on Academic Criminology Programs

Publicize your academic criminology programs for free through the website of the Observatory on Academic Criminology Programs.

The Observatory is a non-commercial enterprise, which was launched in 2009 and already provides information about 100 criminology programs worldwide. It:

We firmly believe that as soon as the Observatory becomes known, it will give great visibility to your programmes all over the world!

Providing information to the Observatory

To add data to the grid, you should first login onto the Observatory website. In order to do so, you should first register by clicking on “register” at the bottom. You will receive an activation e-mail and once you are logged in, you can start adding your data. To do so, go to “Search Criminology Programs” and then to “add entry” on top, from which you can access the grid. Please fill in the data for the programs taught in your home university, including separate entries for all your undergraduate (Bachelors) and postgraduate (Masters) taught programs.

Once all data have been filled in, you can send them off (by pushing a button at the bottom of the grid) to the administrator of the Observatory website, Zoë Cosemans. The administrator will check your data and will authorize their publication on the website. You will be notified by the system, as soon as the administrator approves your data.

After the initial data provided are uploaded by LINC, it will be up to you to update and change your entry. You will continue to have the ability to decide what you want to say.

More information

If you have any technical questions or problems with registering or filling in the grid, please do not hesitate to contact Zoe Cosemans by email (zoe.cosemans@law.kuleuven.be) or phone (+32-16-328764) at LINC. From September 1, 2011 onwards, please contact Prof. Dr .Katrien Lauwaert(katrien.lauwaert@ulg.ac.be) at the Université de Liège.

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