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One close to perfect answer is offered by dtSearch which allows not only to integrate terrabytes of different types of data into one holistic database and to make these data quickly searchable in an easy way. dtSearch offers special functions for forensic searchessuch as different options for searching emails, processing encrypted PDFs, credit card numbers, social network data, etc.. Moreover, dtSearch is both, easy to use at a reliable basic level but also applied by leading players in the forensic LegalTech field for more sophisticated analysis.

While enabling criminal defence lawyers to search electronic evidence on Big Data magnitude in simple search terms but also for semantic patterns, dtSearch is very convenient to deal with another crucial analytic issue: The selection of relevant data and data reduction.  More sophisticated analysis of eEvidence (e.g. network analysis) requires to transform unstructured and heterogenious data from different sources into structured databases. With dtSearch data can be processed for further analysis with other more complex analysis tools, such as QDA-Miner or WordStat (Provalis Software).

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