Difficulties in building reliable war crimes data bases in Bosnia Herzegovina

After the adoption of the State War Crimes Processing Strategy in Bosnia and Herzegovina crucial issues are raised in regard to its implementation, in particular related to the creation of reliable centralised data bases containing information on ongoing or pending as well as completed cases (see for more details BIRN article, 8 January 2010, by Erna Mackic).

There appear to be at least two major issues in an analytic perspective: one, the conceptual approach and its operationalisation to design the data bases, two, the collection of data through the judicial system. As for the first issue a good overview on conceptual questions and practical implication of building these data bases in BiH can be found in FICHL Publication Series No 3 (The Backlog of Core International Crimes Case Files in Bosnia and Herzegovina) and No 4 (Criteria for Prioritizing and Selecting Core International Crimes Cases).
The CaseScreening project of IJAF is directly related to these efforts to provide knowledge regarding international crime cases in reliable and easily accessible structured data bases.

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