Compliance Analysis, Training Programme – Cooperation with Berlin Law Firm

Lawyer Ulrich Dost and IJA-Forum agreed on cooperation in compliance analysis projects and to prepare a training programme.

(Berlin, 24 March 2010)

Compliance with national and international law has increasingly become an issue for large, but also medium and even small enterprises, as recent cases of corruption, violation of employment regulations and privacy protection as well as bribery scandals show. Ulrich Dost, lawyer in Berlin and also legal representative of IJAF, focuses on cases related to auditing of compliance programmes and related legal frameworks. Mr. Dost and IJAF director Uwe Ewald agreed to cooperate in cases which require the analysis of extensive materials (reports and recordings of incidents and relevant legal materials). Furthermore they agreed on preparing a training course for defense lawyers and legal analysts to introduce state-of-the-art ICT applications and Internet sources to enhance efficiency in legal knowledge management.

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