CaseScreening subscriptions

The information below describes the preliminary subscription structure to use the CaseScreening data base. However, this subscription approach is only valid for the introductory phase.
Please send your request via the ‘Contact‘ form. Also, if you do not see the options fit your needs explain your needs and send the request.

The report function for options 1), 2) and 3) produces up to 150 accused per report. The number of records (accused) per report for option 4) will be determined in accordance with the respective project (e.g. research or defence project).

1) CS-Quick (24 hours access) 95 EUR
(no judgements)

2) CS-Short (72 hours access) 350 EUR
(plus judgements for selected cases on request)

3) CS-Standard (3 months access) 1650 EUR
(plus available judgements on request)

4) CS-Project (tailored access for projects or defence teams)
– please use the ‘Contact‘ form

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