Comparative sentencing analysis

IJAF offers specific sentencing analyses which compares new cases with existing sentencing patterns in international criminal justice.

Crime theory consistency analysis

IJAF analyses indictments or judgements in regard to the consistency of the presented crime theory and the sufficiency of underlying evidence.

Knowledge Management in complex criminal cases

IJAF designs information management and analytical frameworks for complex cases, gives advice for analytical techniques and efficient analysis of large amounts of qualitative or quantitative data.

Sentencing Review

Sentencing Review Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you are interested please download the report.

Go to CaseScreening

If you would like to use the CaseScreening data base directly, please use the link below. Enter CaseScreening (V.101) (registered user) NOTE: This is a test version of CaseScreening which serves only explorative purposes and to demonstrate the CS-functionality. However, the data for each accused are retrieved from reliable sources (this is, the data refer […]

CaseScreening subscriptions

The information below describes the preliminary subscription structure to use the CaseScreening data base. However, this subscription approach is only valid for the introductory phase. Please send your request via the ‘Contact‘ form. Also, if you do not see the options fit your needs explain your needs and send the request. The report function for […]

Analyst Roster

Roster of short term consultants.

Project positions

Positions available in Special IJAF Projects


Intern positions available in Special IJAF Projects.

See last Features and Columns

See last Features and Columns

The latest issue of Features and Columns — June, 2011 provides interesting information for criminal and legal analysis in international criminal justice.