Monitoring and auditing of law enforcement and judicial activities

Europeanisation of law enforcement and judiciary in European countries and the implementation of international standards in the fight against crimes of international concern require professional evaluation.

Judicial Data Analysis

The analysis of large amounts of electronic data (evidentiary or legal) becomes more and more a challenge in European and international justice and legislation. IJA-Forum maintains a roster of analysts qualified in using Computer Aided Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS) for the analysis of large amounts of textual, graphic and audio-video data. Using the Judicial Data Analysis services will safe time while at the same time the quality of analysis will increase.

Compliance Analysis, Training Programme – Cooperation with Berlin Law Firm

Lawyer Ulrich Dost and IJA-Forum agreed on cooperation in compliance analysis projects and to prepare a training programme.


Consulting with filmmaker Jürgen Ast (AstFilm Productions)

IJAF offers analytical services in support of a documentary telling the story of the Berlin Wall.

Comparative sentencing analysis

IJAF offers specific sentencing analyses which compares new cases with existing sentencing patterns in international criminal justice.

Crime theory consistency analysis

IJAF analyses indictments or judgements in regard to the consistency of the presented crime theory and the sufficiency of underlying evidence.

Knowledge Management in complex criminal cases

IJAF designs information management and analytical frameworks for complex cases, gives advice for analytical techniques and efficient analysis of large amounts of qualitative or quantitative data.

Sentencing Review

Sentencing Review Bosnia and Herzegovina.
If you are interested please download the report.